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Sugarlif LOW GI Diet Sugar

Sugarlif” is a first of its kind of product in the world- where in normal cane sugar has been treated to be made LOW GI.

Sugarlif is made by blending and treating a proprietary aqueous solution with regular cane sugar. The solution is aqueous and no chemicals or solvents are used in the extraction process. Active ingredients in the solutions have Glycemic Index lowering properties that not only keeps the blood sugar levels steady and help our body to metabolize fat more efficiently but also facilitates better absorption of glucose at the cellular level. Furthermore, Sugarlif has no side effects like any of the artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes available in the market today including stevia.

As you know, a nutritious low Gi diet is for each and every one of us irrespective of age and gender. Anyone who is focusing on monitoring a healthier lifestyle for their families or eyeing to build up on the general health and looking to prevent or manage a specific health conditions like Diabetes, heart problem, weight issues – there is no better alternate than a Low Gi Diet




Herbal Sugar is the sugar made from sugarcane juice to which herbal juices are added to remove the toxins. Hence Herbal sugar is free from toxins.


5 Times per day

1.Morning 6 A.M. Dosage: Mix and drink 2 or 4 teaspoons (i.e. 10 / 20 grams) in warm or normal water or take directly and drink water
2.After Breakfast
3.After Lunch
4.Evening 6 PM
5.After Dinner


All Members of the Family, diabetic or non-diabetic, can consume Herbal Sugar on a Regular Basis for Good Health.

  1. Diabetes Controlled
  2. Blood Pressure Controlled
  3. Cholesterol Controlled
  4. Heart & Cardio Vascular Problems Controlled
  5. Obesity Controlled
  6. Detoxification of Blood.
  7. Strength, Stamina, physical energy and vitality improve.
  8. Body, Mind & Soul Strengthen.
  9. Face and Skin glowing.
  10. Many diseases controlled.
  11. Acidity of blood removed and alkalinity attain.
  12. Good microorganisms strengthened and harmful microorganisms kill
  13. Cells energized and internal organs functions improve
  14. Hunger, digestion, activeness, sleep, urination and excretion regularized.More over herbal sugar to controlled all other diseases quickly.

From new born baby to people of all ages can consume any quantity of herbal sugar. Further it could be used for preparing various delicious dishes.

Note: Diet Restriction, Side Effects, Contraindications, Harmful Effects Nil.

( Tests to be done before Starting on Herbal Sugar )

Blood Tests


  1. Blood Sugar
  2. Before food - AC (Sugar Fasting)
    After food - PC (Sugar Post Prandial)
  3. Urine Sugar
  4. Before food - Urine AC
    After food - Urine PC
  5. 3 Months Aggregate Sugar (HbA1c Test)
After this process start taking herbal sugar as per the chart. In 3 months you will notice your sugar level decreased. if you want to monitor further, you can repeat tests (i) & (ii) after one month. You can feel good changes in your body within 15 days from the day of Herbal Sugar.


  1. Test your Blood Pressure & note down the reading
  2. After consuming herbal sugar test your BP. You can test after 3 months and note the changes. You can even check BP every month.


  1. Take Lipid Profile test and start taking herbal sugar.
  2. Test after 3 months and note the improvements.


  1. Take ECG, Treadmill & ECO tests and Start on herbal sugar.
  2. After 3 months repeat the same tests and note the improvement.


  1. Take master Health check up & Start on herbal sugar.
  2. Repeat the tests after 3 months and note the difference.


  1. Do CBC test and start on herbal sugar.
  2. Repeat the test after 3 months and note the improvement.


  1. If you have any other ailments, take necessary tests and start taking herbal sugar.
  2. Repeat the tests after 3 months and note the improvements.


Can consume herbal sugar

  1. To Prevent diseases, Increase Immunity and resistance
  2. To detoxify the organs.
  3. To increase Strength, stamina and overall performance. Further if you have any queries or doubts contact your nearest Traditional and Ayush Doctor (Vaidiyar).
Chart For Taking Herbal Sugar Quantity Per Day

For Babies Up to 1 Year

  • 1st month 100 mg x 5 times = 0.5 gms
  • 2nd months 200 mg x 5 times = 1.0 gms
  • 3rd months 300 mg x 5 times = 1.5 gms
  • 4th months 400 mg x 5 times = 2.0 gms
  • 5th months 500 mg x 5 times = 2.5 gms
  • 6th months 600 mg x 5 times = 3.0 gms
  • 7th months 700 mg x 5 times = 3.5 gms
  • 8th months 800 mg x 5 times = 4.0 gms
  • 9th months 900 mg x 5 times = 4.5 gms
  • 10th months 1gm x 5 times = 5.0 gms

For Children Up to 10 years

  • 1st Year 1gm x5 times = 5 gms
  • 2nd Years 2gms x5 times = 10 gms
  • 3rd Years 3gms x5 times = 15 gms
  • 4th Years 4gms x5 times = 20 gms
  • 5th Years 5gms x5 times = 25 gms
  • 6th Years 6gms x5 times = 30 gms
  • 7th Years 7gms x5 times = 35 gms
  • 8th Years 8gms x5 times = 40 gms
  • 9th Years 9gms x5 times = 45 gms
  • 10th Years 10gms x5 times = 50 gms
  • 11th Years 11gm x5 times = 55 gms
  • 12th Years 12gms x5 times = 60 gms
  • 13th Years 13gms x5 times = 55 gms
  • 14th Years 14 gms x5 times = 70 gms
  • 15th Years 15 gms x5 times = 75 gms
  • 16th Years 16 gms x5 times = 80 gms
  • 17th Years 17 gms x5 times = 85 gms
  • 18th Years 18 gms x5 times = 90 gms
  • 19th Years 19gms x5 times = 95 gms
  • 20th Years 20 gms x5 times = 100 gms

People of 20 years and above can take 20 grams (4 tea spoons 20 gms x 5 times a day =100 grams of herbal sugar. You will feel the diseases mentioned above controlled and also relief from body pain and tiredness.

Note : For any reason, without consulting your doctor, do not stop any allopathic or Ayush medicine you are already taking. This Herbal sugar is only the best carbohydrate which can be safely taken daily. It is a functional food. It has the power of controlling all diseases and it will cure the diseases when taken continuously.

This Herabl sugar is like the elixir. It is only the best corbohydrate which can be safely taken daily. It is the functional food. It has the power of controlling all diseases and it will cure the diseases when taken continuously.

How does it work on 20 lakh crores cells in the human body?
  1. Herbal Sugar will eliminate through motion, urine and sweat all toxins from body.
  2. Herbal Sugar will give energy to all the cells and strengthen them.
  3. Herbal Sugar does not cure the disesases directly the causes for the diseases and strengthens the affected organs. Their by cures the disesases quickly.
  4. Herbal Sugars helps to absorb the medicines you are taking and thus and relieve you from the disease.
  5. It will alleviates your tiredness, fatigue and weakness and keeps its you always active.
Changes that take place in the body while taking Herbal sugar
  1. You will feel more hungry. Eat well.
  2. You will feel thirstier. Drink more water.
  3. You will urinate more frequently. This means that the toxins are getting eliminated through urine.

Hence use Herbal sugar as per the chart and become healthy.

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