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Kannaa Health Care:  A premier food and wellness company pioneering the low GI revolution in India.  We all know that Carbohydrates are the most important and readily available source of energy.  They are an essential part of a diet for both kids and adults.  We at Natural Life produce high quality natural carbs like Sugar, Wheat, Rice etc that are not just tasty but also can reduce the risk of illness and diseases.
Eating healthy is not about following a strict diet regime but is all about feeling terrific, having a sustained energy, convalescing your health, and uplifting your mood. Enabling people to make healthy dietary choices is the centre of our company’s motto. We know it’s difficult to completely eliminate foods you enjoy so we made the “foods you enjoy” healthy for you. We at Natural Life specialize in producing foods with a low glycemic index (GI) that has been proven to improve overall health.
The global food and wellness industry is finally adapting to help people live healthy lives. We believe that the next revolution in food will be developed to help counter diseases and ailments that many urban populations face today – namely, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
Whether you are lifestyle-conscious, pre-diabetic or a diabetic, you can now live a good life and enjoy great health as well.
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